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Category: Insomnia

If you’re anything like us, you find a certain coziness and comfort under the weight of a heavy blanket. There’s just something so satisfying about feeling tucked in, bundled, and embraced as you drift off to sleep. When the colder months come around, we heap all of the blankets on our beds and bask in…

Young and restless? Middle-aged and sleepless? It’s more common than you think. In North America alone, it’s estimated that upwards of 70 million adults suffer from at least one sleep disorder—that’s a real problem your health can’t afford to ignore. When you’re not getting the rest you need (and deserve), sleeplessness can take its toll….

If you don’t adequately adjust your sleep schedule, you may find yourself exhausted when you need to be awake, but insomnia stricken when you need to be asleep! Here are some simple steps you can take to help your body adjust to the night shift.