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Category: Summer

Ah, summer—the few months when longer daylight hours lend themselves to later nights (and mornings!) While it’s an indulgence we all enjoy, it isn’t as fun when we’re preparing to go back to school. As September rounds the corner, we know a regular routine is paramount to kids’ success in school, and that includes sleep….

If you’re anything like us, you find a certain coziness and comfort under the weight of a heavy blanket. There’s just something so satisfying about feeling tucked in, bundled, and embraced as you drift off to sleep. When the colder months come around, we heap all of the blankets on our beds and bask in…

With summer in full swing, the hot weather and the sunny evenings go hand in hand with one of the most quintessential Canadian traditions—road trips! There’s nothing quite like preparing for a long, multi-day drive to visit family, go camping in the woods, or explore a new part of the country. Clothing? Check! Food? Check!…