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We help lots of people, but let’s focus on you. Whether you’re having trouble sleeping, you never feel rested or your partner is keeping you awake, we’re invested in your sleep. Let’s solve it together.

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Being passionate about sleep means we understand how important full-body health is. It’s why we work with physicians, registered dietitians, personal trainers, respiratory therapists, sleep technicians and mental health counsellors. With all these experts on our team, you can rest assured you will get a personalized, holistic sleep treatment.

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How can we help you?

Everyone comes to us in different stages of their sleep journey — and for different reasons. Our sleep specialists meet you where you’re at, offering a custom solution to help you sleep at night.

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New Client

If you’re new to Sleep Therapeutics, we always like to start with a free consult, which we offer in person or online. We’ll ask you about what’s happening in your nights (and days) to get an idea of how to approach your treatment.


Services that might interest you

  • Consultation
  • At-home sleep studies
  • Personalized treatment plan
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Current CPAP user

We offer ongoing care to make sure your treatments are still working for you, as well as other services you might want to take advantage of as you feel better.  


Services that might interest you

  • Convenience Club membership
  • Dedicated sleep specialist to monitor progress
  • Holistic health services, e.g. dietitian 
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Tired partner

Feeling fed up that your partner is snoring or not sleeping? We get it. You’re probably suffering just as much (if not more). We’re here to support you and your partner’s sleep. 


Services that might interest you

  • Sleep assessment 
  • Sleep study
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Past CPAP user

If you’ve gone through sleep assessments and treatments, we’d love the opportunity to check in and see how your sleep has improved. We can either build on your health or tweak elements of your plan you no longer need. 


Services that might interest you

  • Personalized treatment plan
  • Convenience Club membership
  • Personal Training

Is this right for me?

Wondering if you might have a sleep issue? Take our quiz for an idea of what you might be dealing with.

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Why Sleep Therapeutics?

We’ve been Canada’s trusted sleep specialists for two decades, because we focus on personalized plans, tangible results and resolving the underlying sleep problems – not just the symptoms. Our treatments factor in your whole health, including nutrition, physical activity and mental health.


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