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At-home sleep studies

With our at-home sleep studies, there is no need to leave your cozy bed. We have the technology to set you up with a sleep study at home and still get the information we need. Once we have the results, we develop a personalized treatment plan and get you on the right path to rest. 

We’re here to answer your questions about at-home sleep studies

If you haven’t done a sleep study before, you probably want to know how it works. 

Here are some answers to the common questions we hear.

A sleep study monitors breathing activity, oxygen levels and heart rates over the course of a night. This information helps us determine if you have a sleep disorder. If you do have one, it’s important to be diagnosed and treated, so you can start feeling better. Untreated sleep disorders can contribute to other diseases and conditions, such as stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure and depression.

At your house. We use Level 3 sleep studies, which means we’ll provide the device and the instructions; you set it up at home, sleep and send us the device via mail or drop-off. 

 You can schedule a level 3 sleep study with us directly, if a referral is required we will contact your Physician.

The appointment to review instructions for your sleep study will only take 30-60 minutes. We can do this appointment in person or virtually. Once you have the device at home, it will take about 10 minutes to set up and then you sleep as normal.

No, the technology is non-intrusive. 

Level 3 sleep studies are used when we suspect you might suffer from sleep apnea. These are done in your own home, wearing a device that records your breathing activity, oxygen levels and heart rate.


Level 2 sleep studies can be done at home, too. The devices record brain and muscle activity, in addition to your breathing, oxygen levels and heart rate. We recommend these when you have poor sleep but it’s not clear why.


Level 1 sleep studies are similar to level 2 studies, except they are performed in a lab, where you are monitored by a technologist. To have this, you need a referral from your doctor.

Your study will end when you wake up and turn off the device. You will then return your device to Sleep Therapeutics as early as possible, through mail or by dropping it off.

On average, results take approximately two weeks. Once we have the results, we’ll book a follow-up appointment to review them and discuss your options. 

If you got a referral from your physician, we will send results to their office. Your doctor will contact you to review the results, discuss if a diagnosis has been made and determine if therapy is needed.

Treatments are always personal, so results vary. Your customized solution might require a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) device or a nasal dilator to help keep your airway open while you sleep. It could be positional therapy, changing your habits and how you prepare for sleep, or changing your diet or exercise regimen. For insomnia, it might be cognitive behavioural therapy. Your best treatment might be a combination of these things. In the end, you can expect the most effective, most comfortable solution to your sleep disorder. 

Simply contact us and we’ll provide you with all the information you need. You don’t need a referral, but it’s a good idea to keep your doctor informed. 

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What to expect

Our at-home sleep study is pretty simple. Here’s what it entails.



We provide the device and one of our specialists will take you through how it works.



At home, you put on the device and go to bed as you normally would. In the morning, you drop it off or mail it in.



Once we have the results, we’ll develop a personalized treatment program to resolve your issues.

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