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Dealing with a snoring partner?

We know how frustrating that can be, and we’re here to help. Tell us what you and your partner are experiencing.


of adult men are affected by snoring*


of adult women are affected by snoring*


of snorers actually report that they snore

*Schwab, R. J. (2020, June). Merck Manual Professional Version: Snoring. Retrieved July 24, 2020

You're not alone

A lot of our clients come to us because they’re dealing with a snoring partner and are worried, frustrated and sleep deprived. It’s not unreasonable to want some help, so you can get some rest. 

Signs and symptoms to watch for

Chronic snoring


They wake up gasping for air

Decreased sex drive

Daytime sleepiness

Obesity or weight gain

They stop breathing while they sleep for a couple seconds

Complaints of headaches in the morning

Frequent trips to the bathroom at night

When to suggest treatment to your partner

Sometimes our loved ones are convinced that snoring is normal, and it can be, but since you’re here, it probably isn’t. If you’ve noticed the symptoms we listed, you’re right in thinking it’s time to get checked out. 

Two partners sitting at a office table intimately discussing sleep issues from dealing with a snoring partner

Tips for approaching the conversation

When telling your partner they need to look into their sleep issues, it’s easy to go into the conversation with an edge. After all, you’re not sleeping. It’s probably sensitive for them too. Instead of taking up your armour, here’s what we would suggest.

No one is at their best in the morning after a terrible sleep. Our advice? Broach the topic after dinner (or at least after everyone’s had a coffee).

If given the choice, they probably wouldn’t choose to snore, so go easy on them. Also, they probably don’t feel that great either. Their snoring affects their sleep quality, too.

Sometimes our partners don’t realize the full extent of the issue, or the impact their sleep is having on others.

Position the conversation as one of concern for their health and wellbeing. Help your partner understand the negative impact sleep disorders have on their health, their ability to function while awake, and their happiness.

Bring some of your own ideas to the table, so the conversation is constructive. Discuss sleeping positions and nighttime habits. Better yet, offer to book a sleep consultation you can both attend.

Without piling on, share how their snoring impacts your days, as well as your ability to be the partner you want to be.

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We can help

If you have a question or concern about your partner’s sleep problems, give us a call.