Our Favourite Tool For Sleeping In Any Season

If you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep because you’re too hot (or too cold!), this is our favourite tool—and we think you’ll like it, too.

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Do You Suffer From One Of These Sleep Disorders?

Young and restless? Middle-aged and sleepless? It’s more common than you think. In North America alone, it’s estimated that upwards of 70 million adults suffer from at least one sleep disorder—that’s a real problem your health can’t afford to ignore. When you’re not getting the rest you need (and deserve), sleeplessness can take its toll….

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Why We Rebranded After 20 Years

If you sleep well, you’ll know there’s nothing quite like waking up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world—that happens to be how we feel about our new brand! After 20 years of helping Canadians get the sleep they need (and deserve!), we decided it was time for a little rest and rejuvenation…

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Fact or Fiction? The Truth Behind These 7 Common Sleep Myths

With the power of the internet at your fingertips, there’s practically no limit to accessing useful knowledge. With a quick search you can uncover a wealth of information on any subject—sleep included! You should note, however, that not all information is created equally. There are plenty of false, sleep-related claims bouncing around on the internet…

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Sleep Therapeutics Group Photograph

Guess what we were awarded? And here’s why…

Cue the drumroll and fanfare, please! We are so thrilled to announce that Sleep Therapeutics was awarded Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Culture by Waterstone Human Capital. Recognizing the top organizations and CEOs that Canada has to offer, Canada’s Most Admired awards are a big deal, and we’re both humbled and honoured to be considered a…

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Man wearing a hard hat, safety vest and gloves while falling asleep in a warehouse

The Secret To Setting A Shift Work Sleep Schedule

If you don’t adequately adjust your sleep schedule, you may find yourself exhausted when you need to be awake, but insomnia stricken when you need to be asleep! Here are some simple steps you can take to help your body adjust to the night shift.

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Man wearing a grey shirt sleeping in bed with a CPAP machine

If You’re On The Fence, This Is Why You Should Try A CPAP Machine

From how they look to how they sound, we know a CPAP machine can feel intimidating. We’ve been there ourselves (did you know Sleep Therapeutics was founded by a respiratory therapist and his sister, a nurse, who both suffered from untreated sleep apnea?) So, we’re living proof that you can face the music—or the machine, as the case may be!—and come out better for it on the other side.

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Bowl of fruit on top of table with yogurt, granola and a avocado

A dietitian working at Sleep Therapeutics?! Here’s WHY

The road to determining your connection between sleep and nutrition has loads of different paths, each person taking their own combination of twists and turns to end up at that final endpoint. Eat Well. Sleep Well. Live Well.

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Woman yawning with her hand over her mouth

Can’t Stay Awake Through The Day? This Is For You

Falling asleep at your desk? Can’t stay awake through that blockbuster action flick? You’re not alone. It’s called hypersomnia, and it refers to excessive daytime sleepiness—or excessive daytime sleeping.

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Doctor wearing a stethoscope sitting at a desk filling out a sheet

Dietitian…Nutritionist…is there really a difference?

Registered dietitians (RDs), dietitians, or registered dietitian nutritionists (RDNs) are regulated health professionals. Just like nurses, doctors, or teachers, only those who are members of their provincial dietetic regulatory college are permitted to practice under these titles.

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