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and that starts with a good night’s sleep.  We understand that resolving sleep issues leads to significant improvements in overall health.  That’s why many people, including our employees, trust our services, treatments and products – they truly make a difference.

Our Story

A sister and brother team, both with successful careers in the healthcare sector -– one as an ICU nurse and the other as a respiratory therapist. In one of many discussions about healthcare, they landed on the topic of sleep. They both agreed it was a majorly overlooked factor in overall health. That conversation was 25 years ago. It became the catalyst for what is now one of the largest sleep solution companies in Canada.


Brother and sister team open Atlantic Sleep Apnea Services.


Second location opens in Truro, Nova Scotia


Innovate to include better solutions for CPAP therapy. Third location opens in Nova Scotia.


Expand into Alberta! Opens a location in Edmonton.


Welcome our first Director of Marketing, and open the fourth location in Nova Scotia.


Open second, third and fourth locations in Alberta. 


Expand into New Brunswick! Fifth location is built in Alberta.


Launch the new logo and tagline for Sleep Therapeutics: Awaken Your Best Life!


New Brunswick adds more locations.  


Sleep Therapeutics introduces sleep tests and solutions for restless legs and pain management.


Expansion into Ontario. Sleep Therapeutics develops its brand, team and culture.


New Brunswick opens three locations. Sleep Therapeutics introduces CBT for Insomnia.


Launch Corporate Program and innovative sleep solutions.  


Expand into PEI, and add one new location in both Alberta and New Brunswick. Launch Recycling program and online appointments.


Sleep Therapeutics wins Canada’s Most Admired Culture award.

How we help

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When we say we want to help you feel better, we mean you specifically. We want to understand your lifestyle, your habits, your body, your priorities and what’s keeping you up at night. From there, we craft a treatment plan that makes the most sense for you and your life. 

Restoring your sleep is where we begin, but not where we end. The road to feeling better includes not only sleep but also nutrition, exercise and mental wellness, which is why we have sleep experts, trainers and other specialists to support your goals.

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What we stand for

This is what you can expect from us. What you can rely on.



We earn your trust with our knowledge, education and our commitment to continuous learning.


Personalized approach

The solutions we recommend are always based on your individual goals, lifestyle and body.


Exceptional service

From day one, we put your health and wellness at the centre of everything we do.

Our people

We have an award-winning culture (check it out here!)



And it’s all thanks to our people. They show up every day and make us who we are: honest, collaborative and connected. Meet some of the people who make Sleep Therapeutics a great place to be. 







Our Community

We are proud of our ongoing collaboration with local Lung Associations to enhance access to care for individuals with Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Where to find us

We have clinics all across Canada. Chances are there’s one in your area. If not, we offer all of our services virtually, including our sleep studies & full treatment plans.

Have a question?

We’re here to answer questions about who we are, how we work and what you can expect when you work with us.