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We built our business on sleep, because we know it’s foundational to the rest of human health. When we address what’s keeping you up at night, we resolve so much of what’s dragging you down during the day.  

The importance of sleep

Studies keep showing us that sleep isn’t just about not being tired; it correlates with our weight, immune systems, heart health, mental health and the quality of our relationships. 

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What sleep problems look like

To understand disordered sleep, it helps to know what healthy sleep looks like. Ideally, you’re getting 7 to 9 continuous hours of sleep (without keeping others awake). You fall asleep within 20 minutes of lying down, and wake up feeling refreshed and alert. 

graph depicting what good sleep looks like
graph depicting what fragmented sleep looks like

Here’s a typical hypnogram from a healthy sleeper. You’ll notice plenty of deep sleep in the first half, more REM sleep in the second half, and only a couple of awakenings.

Here’s a hypnogram from someone who was dealing with fragmented sleep. You’ll notice several awakenings, and almost no deep sleep. That lack of restorative sleep is why people don’t feel rested.

graph depicting what good sleep looks like
graph depicting what fragmented sleep looks like

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No matter where you are in the process – your first consult, your sleep study or your treatment – our process is flexible enough to be fully remote or fully in person. 

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