Summer is officially over, and the fall weather is in full swing! That means there shouldn’t be any more disagreements with your partner about which setting the fan or air conditioner should be on, right? Maybe not.

If you’re like many couples, you sleep better at different temperatures—in all seasons. So, even if your fan is off for the winter, you may be disagreeing about whether the heater should be on, the window should be open, or whether one of you should simply be wearing warmer pyjamas! We get it, and we aren’t judging.

Good sleep is obviously important to your health and well-being, so you shouldn’t have to make uncomfortable compromises with your partner over bedroom temperature. Although the suggested bedroom temperature falls between 18°C and 21°C, everyone has their own preferences.

Hot or cold: Which is better for sleep?

As we mentioned, it really does come down to preference. With that said, a cooler room does have more benefits than a warmer one: You’re less likely to become sweaty or dehydrated in a cooler room, and your sleep is less likely to suffer.

Research involving room temperature and sleep has found that the human body has more difficulty self-regulating in a bedroom that is too warm. This can lead to fatigue and even greater difficulty in falling asleep—even if you’re tired. More importantly, body temperature can impact both sleep quality and the amount of time spent in each sleep stage.

Studies have shown that a higher body temperature is associated with less restorative sleep—and a lower perceived sleep quality. Plus, during Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep, your body’s internal temperature regulation mostly shuts down. This means that you stop shivering or sweating, altogether, making you more sensitive to the external temperature. So, with excess heat, you’re more likely to wake up—and the more you wake up, the less rested you’ll feel in the morning.

But if you just can’t agree on what the temperature should be, The Perfect Sleep Pad can help.

What is the Perfect Sleep Pad?

Your new best friend! The Perfect Sleep Pad is both a heating pad and a cooling pad, all bundled up into one thin, sheet-like pad! At only 1/8-inch thick, the pad is placed directly under your mattress’ fitted sheet. Then, using a precise network of microtubes, water circulates around the pad, either heating or cooling your mattress. The best part? You’ll be able to adjust your ideal temperature on each side of the bed via remote control. This means you’re able to adjust the temperature at any time during the night—without disturbing your partner!

If you like it cold, you’ll be able to sleep at a near-refrigerated 8°C. Brrr. If you prefer to keep things toasty, the Perfect Sleep Pad allows temperatures up to 48°C—talk about tropical! The impressive range of temperatures allows the Perfect Sleep Pad to be a viable option year-round. With warmer settings in the cold months and built-in cooling for the summer, The Perfect Sleep Pad is a versatile and valuable addition to your bedroom. No more heated discussions over what the temperature should be—pun intended.

If you have difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, you may have an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Book a complimentary sleep consultation to get back on track for a good night’s rest.

We wrote this post with reference to an article from The Sleep Foundation. You can read the full article here.