The Biggest Secret To Improving Workplace Safety

19th February 2019

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The Biggest Secret To Improving Workplace Safety

Being sleep deprived at work isn’t just inconvenient – it’s seriously dangerous.

The more we learn about fatigue, the more we understand the consequences of poor sleep on work safety. Previously, workplace accidents were looked at on an individual level, however, these new findings are showing that we need to look at safety on an organizational level.  

Why? Lean in, we’re about to fill you in.

Here’s How Sleep Could Be Impacting The Safety of Your Organization:

As individuals continue to decrease the average number of hours they are sleeping per night, overall safety risk increases. This is especially true within the workplace. Even if you’re taking all the steps required to keep you and your employees safe, there is likely one key thing missing: sleep!

Research shows that insufficient quality sleep drastically affects workers’ abilities to stay healthy and safe. In high-risk work environments where physical safety is an even more of a concern, a single worker’s sleep deprivation not only puts themselves at risk, but can put others in unsafe conditions, too.

Important Things You Should Know about Sleep & Safety:

It may surprise you to learn that many companies are one poor night’s sleep away from a serious, costly and preventable workplace accident. This doesn’t only apply to jobs involving heavy machinery, either. Someone in any position within your organization could make poor decisions that result in accidents involving not only themselves, but quite possibly other employees. Not to mention, a small slip-and-fall due to a sleepy worker could result in a large expense to your company.  

Without quality sleep, we as humans become less predictable and therefore less productive. When we are fatigued, it’s almost the same as going to work under the influence. Why? When fatigued, a single beer has the same impact as 6 beer would on someone who is well rested!

When we are well rested, our bodies are primed for physical and mental alertness. Think of sleep as charging up your smartphone! On the flip side, when we are deprived of rest, those important cognitive processes slow down and become much less responsive. This could lead to a workplace disaster. Yikes!

What would a well rested workforce mean to your business?

Sleep and Work Performance is not only a benefit to the health and wellness of your employees, but also to your bottom line. This is why we created an in-house Employee Wellness program: Sleep Concierge.

Sleep Concierge offers Customized Sleep Wellness Programs for workers in the transportation industry, people who do shift work, and those in executive health.

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