Drop The Stress, Sleep Better

16th August 2015

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Drop The Stress, Sleep Better

Stress has many different negative affects on our bodies. It can lead to weight gain, acne, aches and pains, immune deficiency, heart disease; the list can go on and on. But stress also plays a huge factor in how well of a sleep you may get at night.

We all live busy lives and stress is just a factor in our daily schedule; with work days getting longer its hard to not take our work  home with us. Its very difficult for many to turn the brain off from the issues we may have had at the office or trying to figure out the next days plans which in turn will follow you to bed that night. The more you think the hard it is for the brain and body to relax making it harder to fall asleep. It can even disrupt your sleep during the middle of the night.

For some it’s impossible to stop thinking about what bills need paying, whose going to take the kids to soccer, what to make for supper, did I turn the lights off, I need to clean the house. Before you know it you have a list a mile long and sleep is the last thing on your mind.

Do not fret there are things you can do that do not involve sleep medications, think of it as a more natural approach.

Laureen Noreen of mindbodygreen.com has written an article pin pointing 10 tips that help de-stress the body so you can sleep better at night.

I’ve listed a few below.

  • First stop drinking so much caffeine! Caffeine is a stimulant it’s great during the day to give you that extra kick in the butt but it can stay in your body from 8-14 hours after consuming it. Now some people can go through caffeine withdrawals which lead to headaches and other issues so do not cut it out all together but try to cut down on the amount you drink in one day.
  • Second utilize your 15 minute break! If you are in the working force most people are entitled to two 15 minute breaks during the day. take advantage of this, leave the office go out side or find a quite place where you can just sit and relax . We all need time to recollect our thoughts; this 15 minutes gives your body the time to de-stress and take a breather.
  • Thirdly get to bed before 10:30pm. The longer you stay awake the more time it cuts into your snoozing hours. The body will fall into a pattern so going to bed at the same time is a big help when trying to fall asleep and stay a sleep. (Also try to stay away from electronics mainly computers and cell phones. The light emitted from the screens is a stimulant for the brain and will make it harder to relax. So no candy crush before bed!)


For the rest of the list visit the link here for Laureen’s full piece so you can get a better nights sleep. www.mindbodygreen.com./10tipstogetgreatsleep.

Also check out this graph listing the affect of stress has on our body when we do not get the proper amount of sleep.

Stress Less and Sleep Better

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