We get it: Sleep studies conjure nightmares of a sterile bed, wires attached to every limb, and a two-way mirror hiding lab-coat-clad scientists with clipboards in hand. Who could actually sleep with that rig?! Here’s the thing: Sleep studies don’t have to look like that these days. Thanks to modern technology, you can actually have a sleep study in the comfort of your own home without the prying eyes. The question is: Do you need one?

Should you get a sleep study?

A sleep study is a deep-dive evaluation of how you sleep. The end game is to determine if you have a sleep disorder and, if so, which one and how to treat it. Classic symptoms that should urge you to get your own study done include:

  • Snoring
  • Going to the bathroom multiple times per night
  • Waking up feeling unrefreshed
  • Experiencing regular fatigue or headaches
  • Suffering from chronic pain
  • Gaining weight even with healthy habits
  • Having trouble falling or staying asleep

If you checked off one or more of these symptoms, a sleep study will be your best friend. We always recommend getting a sleep study sooner than later—to stop untreated symptoms from snowballing into other conditions, like depression, high blood pressure, heart attack or stroke.

So, how does a sleep study work?

We can’t speak for other clinics, but at Sleep Therapeutics, it’s as easy as sending you home with a Sleep Assessment Kit. Here’s how it works:

1.  Book a free consultation

You can book your free 60-minute consultation online at any Sleep Therapeutics clinic. During your consultation, we’ll share the ins and outs of sleep studies, including how to set up your Sleep Assessment Kit when you get home. And no, you do not need a referral from your doctor to book a consultation with us, but we’re happy to work with your doctor.

2.  Set up your Sleep Assessment Kit

Setting up your Sleep Assessment Kit takes less than 10 minutes. You’ll have three monitors connected to your chest, nose and index finger to assess breath and heart rate while you sleep. All you have to do is turn it on before you start counting sheep and turn it off when you wake up in the morning—the Sleep Assessment Kit will do the rest!

3.  Get your results

When you bring the Sleep Assessment Kit back to your Sleep Therapeutics clinic, we’ll be able to review the results and design a treatment program for you (within two weeks!) Your program could include changes to your sleep habits or support from specialized devices, like a continuous positive airway pressure device or a dental device.

The good news is: Your sleep study is free. And we offer complimentary follow-up appointments to all of our patients to ensure your treatment program is as effective as possible. A Sleep Therapeutics patient said of her sleep study:

“I was expecting the whole process to be extremely complicated. I’d heard of people having to spend the night in a sleep lab and assumed I’d have to do the same. It was a pleasant surprise to learn that I could actually take the test at home; all I had to do was drop by Sleep Therapeutics to pick up the Sleep Assessment Kit and bring it home with me!”

Think a sleep study could be the answer to your sleepless nights? You’re probably right—if you’re ready for answers, just book your free consultation at any Sleep Therapeutics clinic, and we’ll get you set up with your own at-home sleep study.