With summer in full swing, it’s the perfect time to go outside for some fresh air, sunshine, and exercise. But what happens when you hop in bed after a long, adventure-filled day and it’s a little too hot? Two hours later you’re lying there, still awake—exhausted, flustered, and desperate for sleep. If only you could cool down, you might be able to catch a few hours of rest before morning.

Sound familiar? Trust us—we’ve been there, and we know how you’re feeling. Those hot temperatures may be a daytime dream, but they can make bedtime a nightmare. You need some heat-proof sleep solutions. Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of our hottest summer sleep tips for keeping you cool as a cucumber.

Add a fan to your bedroom

One of the easiest ways to keep cool in the summer, installing a ceiling fan is a breeze—literally! Even a bedside fan is an effective way to circulate the air in your room, providing you with a cooler, more airy sleep environment for those stifling nights. If you’re not a big fan of how noisy they can be, many now come with virtually silent or night-time modes for your sleeping pleasure!

Close your curtains during the day

A preemptive measure for beating the heat, closing your curtains requires a bit of forethought. The idea behind it is simple: If you block the sunlight from beaming through your bedroom all day, your room won’t heat up as much. This method, paired with blackout curtains (thicker curtains designed to block out light) may help your room stay cooler if the curtains remain closed until bedtime.

Stop exercising in the evening

Of course, when you exercise depends on your daily schedule, but when you exercise, your body temperature increases from the energy you’re expending. Exercising earlier in the day can actually help you fall asleep at night, but if you’re sweating too close to bedtime it can have the opposite effect. Try switching things up with morning or afternoon workouts if you find yourself too toasty to sleep.

Dress (or undress) for comfort

Our most cost-effective tip we have for keeping cool at night? If you’re too hot, take it off! We won’t judge you—we promise! If you’re not keen on baring it all, semi-nude is always an option as well. However, if these aren’t viable options for any number of reasons, you’ll need to find some breathable fabrics for your pajamas—cotton and silk are great for covering you up and keeping you cool at the same time—and consider sleeping without any blankets.

Buy breathable bedding

If it’s too hot for sheets, but you can’t sleep without a bit of weight on you, you’re going to need something more breathable—and not all fabrics are created equally. Similar to clothing, synthetics and polyesters are much less airy and breathable than cottons, linens, and bamboo. So, if your sheets are making you sweat, it might be the excuse you need to get a new, breathable alternative.

Maybe it’s not just the heat. If you have difficulty sleeping on a regular basis, you may have an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Book a complimentary sleep consultation today—we’ll help you sleep better!

We wrote this post with reference to an article by the Sleep Foundation. You can read the full article here.