Can Sleep Help You Improve Your Bottom Line?

19th March 2019

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Can Sleep Help You Improve Your Bottom Line?

Sleep deprivation and sleep loss do not only affect the health of individual employees, but can be dangerous to the health of the global economy.

Sleep deprivation is one of the leading causes of unsafe work environments, lowered productivity, and poor work-life balance.  On top of this, it’s also affecting the bottom line of organizations all over the world. In a previous article, we discussed the top 3 major impacts that poor sleep has on business executives. What do those have to do with the bottom line? We’ll fill you in.

How much does poor sleep cost?

“Insufficient sleep was found to cost five of the largest economies —  the U.S., UK, Canada, Germany and Japan — more than half a trillion dollars per year. The U.S. alone loses $411 billion annually. These high costs are largely due to productivity losses and an increased risk of mortality.” (Future of personal health)

Just over 4,000 employees were studied within US organizations to understand the impact of poor sleep on the bottom line. Here’s what they found: disrupted sleep along with insomnia were prevalent and were associated with decreased job performance and lowered productivity in workforces surveyed as part of the study. Would you believe that it was estimated that the loss of productivity cost the participating companies a whopping $54 million?

The impact on their bottom lines was huge. These findings highlight the connection between employee sleep disturbances and added costs. By improving the detection and treatment of sleep disorders, you will improve workplace safety, increase productivity, and save money!

Workplace Wellness Programs

What can we do to fix this? Executive wellness programs are moving in the right direction but are missing perhaps the most important component of well-being, performance and health… sleep! For companies, the consequences of poor sleep health go beyond the performance of individual executives. Poor sleep health can have potentially serious financial and operational consequences.

Get Sleep Help for Your Workplace

Sleep and Work Performance is not only a benefit to the health and wellness of your employees, but also to your bottom line! This is why we created an in-house Employee Wellness program: Sleep Concierge, offering customized sleep wellness programs for transportation workers, shift workers, and employees in the field of executive health.

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