It’s that time of the year again! With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching and January just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about what you want to accomplish in the year to come. We already have our New Year’s resolution—we want to help you sleep better in 2022! This means keeping you up to date with the latest sleep innovations, the best sleep tips, and the most useful sleep products.


We’re also hoping that you’ll join us in resolving to make sleep a priority next year. After all, how are you going to achieve your goals if you’re always tired and devoid of motivation? It’s the perfect time to commit to change, and we’re here to support you.


How To Make Sleep Your Top Priority

It’s easy to make resolutions, but we know that keeping them requires regular action! If you’re going to make sleep a top priority in the new year, you’re going to need to set some solid sleep goals. Whether it’s getting 8 to 9 hours of sleep on a regular basis, falling asleep faster, waking up earlier, feeling more rested in the morning, or a combination of everything, you’ll have to decide what’s important to you.


Once you have a few sleep goals in mind, build a plan that helps you stick with them. For example, if you’re having trouble falling asleep because you’re watching Netflix until bed, you could try setting up a nightly alarm that reminds you to unplug from screens an hour before bedtime—and don’t hit snooze too many times!


A Sleep Study Can Help You Reach Your Sleep Goals

Don’t know what your sleep goals should be? We can help with that. A sleep study is the perfect way to identify your unique sleep issues so you can personalize goals to address them.


How does a sleep study work? Forget an overnight stay in a clinic: Our convenient, take-home sleep assessment kits monitor your breathing activity, oxygen levels, and heart rate over the course of a night, helping us determine if you have a sleep disorder. In the morning, simply turn off your sleep device and return it to us in person or by mail. Easy, right? Within two weeks we’ll have your results, and we’ll book a follow-up appointment to discuss our findings and recommended treatment.


Untreated sleep disorders can contribute to diseases and conditions such as strokes, heart attacks, high blood pressure, and depression, so it’s important to be aware of what’s interrupting your sleep. Treatments might include a CPAP machine, positional therapy, or lifestyle changes—it’s different for everyone. But rest assured, we’ll make sure you have the knowledge and tools to get your sleep back on a healthier track in 2022.


So, if you’re ready to make your sleep a priority in the new year, book a complimentary sleep consultation. We’ll discuss setting up a sleep study and help you plan your sleep goals so you can accomplish all of your dreams this year—both awake and asleep!