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Physicians & health care providers

When your patients sleep better, you do too. Let us help you help your patients.

How we help

Sleep is the first step for total patient health. We help solve your patients’ sleep issues to improve their overall quality of life. Our services include sleep consultations; at-home Level 3 sleep studies (and Level 2, if needed); analysis; personalized plans; treatment; and ongoing support.


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Signs there may be a problem

In most cases, sleep should be effortless. When your patients mention difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or feeling fully rested, we recommend asking if they have one or more of the following symptoms.

Daytime fatigue


Weight gain

Difficulty falling or staying asleep

Depression and anxiety

Unusual breathing patterns

Difficulty concentrating or performing at work

Morning headaches

Frequent bathroom breaks

What your patients can expect

Our clinics are all about better sleep for better living. Because that looks different for everyone, your patients can expect a sleep solution that is tailored to their situation.


One of our sleep specialists will consult with your patient in person or through a virtual appointment. In our meeting, we ask a number of questions about what they are experiencing.


We believe sleep studies are the best way to diagnose a sleep disorder, so we provide an at-home, Level 3 sleep study. Your patient can go to sleep as usual in their own environment.


With all the information, we assess, diagnose and provide a customized plan to solve your patient’s sleep issues and improve their overall health.

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