No. Philips Respironics is issuing an urgent alert to patients and customers regarding fraudulent CPAP “repair kits” being offered for sale by third parties, and advertised as a correction for the on-going sound abatement foam recall / field safety notices. Philips Respironics is taking action to halt the unauthorized sale of fraudulent repair kits.

These fraudulent “repair kits” are not approved for use with Philips Respironics devices. They are not manufactured by Philips or their partners, and may pose a health hazard if used.

As part of the remediation, Philips Respironics is offering repair or replacement of affected devices free of charge. Philips Respironics does not offer repair kits for sale, nor would we authorize third parties to do so.

Devices affected by the recall / field safety notice must be serviced only by qualified technicians. They do not include user serviceable parts. Attempts to remove or change the sound abatement foam may render the device permanently inoperative and create health hazards.

Please continue to follow the recall / field safety notice instructions you have received for affected Philips Respironics Sleep & Respiratory Care devices. The latest information regarding this action can be found at our publicly available web site: