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You sleep every night so you should be pretty good at it by now, right?

Unfortunately, many Canadians still don’t get the quality sleep they need. If you’re one of them, contact us about treatments, order a sleep study, or talk to us about what’s keeping you up at night. We’re here to help. 

Down & out.

Think falling asleep as soon as you hit the pillow is a hidden talent? Not so fast—it’s actually a sign you’re sleep-deprived.

Unplug, unwind.

Think 24-hour Internet access is convenient? It’s also a sleep disruptor—just ask all the night owls on our website searching for answers.

Quality over quantity.

Quality of sleep instead of quantity. Think you must be sleeping well because you’re in bed for 8 hours — if you’re tired all day, you’re probably not.

Sawing logs?

Think your partner’s snoring is only affecting your sleep? It’s actually affecting their sleep, too— we’re here to help you both sleep better.

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