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Here's to a rested workforce

 Discover how a well-rested workforce can drive unparalleled success.  Sleep is the number one thing your employees can change to have the largest impact on your business. It’s a game-changer!

Sleep programs for your business

We offer a comprehensive approach to address the risks associated with a sleep-deprived workforce. Our mission is to equip your organization with solutions and empowering tools to enhance overall sleep health. Through our programs, we offer comprehensive sleep screening, engaging education, and effective treatment options.


Empower your employees to take charge of their performance and productivity by making positive changes in their sleep habits.


The best part? We bring our expertise right to you, ensuring the utmost convenience for your employees. No need to step outside the building to start tackling their sleep issues. 

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Who we help

We’re here to help everyone sleep better at night. Your employees, of course, but also you. Our programs not only enhance the well-being of your workforce but also contribute to reducing health expenses and boosting team efficiency.

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Make Sleep your business Superpower

You enjoy the benefits of a well-rested workforce, with none of the additional management work. Our sleep specialists and coaches manage the entire program for you — from educational talks to sleep disorder screening to cognitive behavioural therapy and treatment.



  • Educate
    Education sessions are designed to highlight the importance of sleep. Shift-work-specific training is available.
  • Screen
    We provide screening tools to identify sleep issues.  Sleep First, simplifies the process and makes screening accessible with at-home testing.
  • Treatment & Support
    In-house and/or online treatments for sleep disorders, dedicated sleep coach and follow-up
  • Programs specific to shift work, transportation and executive health

Employer benefits

Reduced health spending

Investing in better rest sets up your workforce to be healthier and more productive – with fewer sick days, fewer fatigue-related accidents and fewer disability claims.

Cost effectiveness

Every dollar you invest in Sleep Programs will decrease your medical costs by approximately $3.27 and absenteeism costs by $2.73! That's a return on investment of $6.00 for every $1 spent.

Employee longevity

When well-rested employees are productive and able to focus, they tend to be happier, safer and more likely to stay engaged.

Are you a physician?

Here’s some information about how we can partner with you, your practice and your patients.

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Why Sleep Therapeutics?

We’ve been Canada’s trusted sleep specialists for two decades, because we focus on personalized plans, tangible results and resolving the underlying sleep problems – not just the symptoms. Our treatments factor in your whole health, including nutrition, physical activity and mental health.


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