Get ready to sleep better this winter because we’re opening our first-ever sleep boutique in Bedford, Nova Scotia! Part clinic, part retail store, our new Bedford location is where you can shop (and test!) our favourite sleep solutions, all complemented by the same services and level of care as our other locations—and it’s only a 25-minute drive from downtown Halifax.

The nature of sleep is so personal, which is why we’re so excited for you to experience our go-to sleep solutions in person. We’ve carefully curated an exciting collection of products that we believe in—products that’ll have you sleeping better tonight.

What We Have in Store for You

Our Bedford sleep boutique offers more products than we can pack into one blog post, but you better believe we’ve got you covered for whatever’s keeping you up at night. Speaking of covered (har har), have you ever wondered what a weighted blanket feels like? Did you know that weighted blankets were originally invented to help reduce instances of stress, anxiety, insomnia, and ADHD? Our in-store sleep experts can help you browse a variety of Hush’s weighted blankets and pillows to find the right fit for you and your family.

Between shorter daylight hours, colder temperatures, and holiday preparation, this time of year can be particularly stressful. With aromatherapy solutions like Scentered, relaxing notes of lavender and chamomile will take the edge off your winter blues. Plus, our selection of sprays, natural sleep aids, and nutritious supplements will help you drift off to sleep more easily.

And for those of you struggling with menopause or heat regulation at night, we’ll help you say goodbye to those overheated, sleepless, or snore-filled nights. Popular products like The Perfect Sleep Pad—designed to heat or cool your half of the bed to a comfortable temperature—are in stock, as well as solutions for positional sleep apnea and snoring.

We’ll Help You Get Your Sleep in Order

As much as we love our weighted blankets and sleep pads, some people may need more specialized treatment for chronic sleep disorders. If this sounds like you, book a complimentary sleep consultation to better understand what’s causing you to lose sleep.

Our discovery phase is intentionally no-risk, so you don’t have to stress about investing in any sleep solutions before you’re ready. We’ll start by uncovering what’s disrupting your sleep with a convenient, at-home sleep study. We’ll welcome you to ask us any questions and share your sleep preferences with us, so we can decide how to proceed together.

Next, we’ll create personalized solutions to your sleep problems based on the results of your sleep study—a treatment that works for your needs and your comfort level. We’ll discuss your options for payment, including insurance coverage and our very own Client Cards.

Finally, we’ll optimize a plan for moving forward. We never leave you to fend for yourself—we’re your partners in sleep for life! We’ll invite you to check in with us regularly so we can adjust our recommendations and evolve with your evolving needs. We’re constantly researching the latest in sleep technology and treatment—and we can’t wait to help you.