Before we can recommend a customized treatment solution, we need to determine precisely the cause of your sleep disorder. Depending on your symptoms, you might need to undergo one of the painless, non-intrusive sleep diagnostic processes described below. The most discomfort you might feel is the attachment to your skin of some electronic sensors.

There are four types (or levels) of sleep studies, each designed to help us understand your unique needs. Your family doctor will make a referral for you depending on your specific symptoms. Alternatively, you can call one of our local clinics for further information and we can explain the diagnostics process as it applies in your province.

Please note that provincial healthcare coverage may restrict the availability of certain types of sleep studies in your area. Also, there are some variations between provinces in how diagnoses and treatments are processed. Contact us if you want to know more.


Level 1

Level 1 sleep studies are generally reserved for sufferers of severe sleep disorders. Attendants monitor your sleep using sophisticated polysomnographic (PSG) equipment set up in a specially designed sleep laboratory which looks like a hotel guest room. The PSG measures several key indicators while you sleep.


Level 2

Sometimes, portable PSGs can be loaned to patients so they can self-administer sleep studies in their own home or a nearby hotel. These Level 2 sleep studies measure similar symptoms as a Level 1 sleep study, but without the presence of an attendant.


Level 3

Level 3 sleep studies are small devices worn by the patient when they sleep. Level 3 sleep studies measure a few physiological indicators, so they can be self-administered in the home.

Your sleep study results are used to determine the optimal customized solution to your sleep disorder. We report back to your family doctor with your sleep study results and our recommended treatment plan so he or she is fully informed.


You Are Unique

Once we have identified your sleep disorder, we can start to customize a solution for you. There are many options available to treat a variety of sleep disorders. The solution best for you will depend upon your health, your age, your health history, and the precise nature of your specific sleep disorder. This is why you should not try to solve your sleep disorder without medical assistance. One solution is not going to be effective, or even safe, for all sleep disorders.

It is important that you follow your specially designed treatment program. Your commitment to your specially designed treatment program will help you achieve your best life. We will schedule regular follow ups with you to ensure you are receiving the best most from your treatment and to offer ongoing support. We also work with your family physician and provide updates on the success of your treatment.


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