Sleep Deprivation; more serious than you think

23rd August 2015

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Sleep Deprivation; more serious than you think

You may be surprised to learn that sleep deprivation is a serious concern and significantly affects many aspects of your life. Chronic sleep deprivation is not a matter you should take lightly. If you are living with poor sleep habits, ensure you take the necessary steps to get the help that your body deserves.

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You may already be experiencing some of the effects of lack of sleep including decreased work performance and alertness, decrease in memory and increased stress levels. It is important to understand, however that in the longer term, sleep deprivation may lead to more serious illness including high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, depression, and even a shorter life span.

Here are some signs you might be living with a sleep disorder:

• snoring
• fatigue during the day
• headaches
• irritability
• loss of memory / focus

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While this may sound troubling, the good news is that many of the effects and illnesses associated with sleep deprivation can be avoided by seeking professional help and treatment. A sleep expert can examine your symptoms and work with you to find an effective treatment. Treatments typically include the use of supplemental oxygen or breathing devices while you sleep. It is important to work with a sleep professional to determine the treatment that is best for you.

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