Hot and bothered? Frigid and frustrated? Good sleep comes with some very personal preferences, and temperature is no exception! While you like to be warm, cozy, and bundled up, your partner may be the polar opposite.

If you and your bed partner are comfortable at drastically different temperatures it can lead to sleep frustrations—especially in the winter and summer months. After all, nobody wants to wake up shivering or sweating at any time of the year. It’s also a common myth that warmer bedrooms lead to a better night’s sleep. In fact, evidence points to warmer sleep environments being associated with poorer sleep. Studies have suggested an ideal bedroom temperature range between 18°C and 21°C, but this certainly varies from person to person. So, what if you or your partner are most comfortable outside of this range? How do you go about regulating your heat without some serious window-open-or-closed compromise?

The Perfect Sleep Pad™ may be just what you need!

How does the Perfect Sleep Pad help me sleep?

The Perfect Sleep Pad is a cooling-and-heating pad that utilizes a precise system to regulate the temperature in your bed. Through a network of microtubes, the sleep pad actively circulates water throughout the night, changing the surface temperature of your mattress. The pad itself is 1/8” thick and is placed directly under your mattress’s fitted sheet. Ranging from a cool 8°C all the way up to a toasty 48°C, the Perfect Sleep Pad allows you to control the temperature on your side of the bed—without disturbing your partner!

How does the Perfect Sleep Pad work?

Instead of electric coils like some heated blankets, this pad only uses water circulation to provide the heating and cooling effects. If you’re too hot or too cold during the night, you can simply adjust the temperature on your side of the bed via remote control and get back to snoozing blissfully. Temperature can be set directly on the small bedside motor, or in degree increments by remote control. Benefits of using The Perfect Sleep Pad? A cooler sleep is associated with drifting off more quickly, a deeper sleep, as well as improved muscle recovery—bring on the intensity in your next workout!

Get ready to save on your electric bill

One of the Perfect Sleep Pad’s key features is its comparison as an alternative to air conditioning. The pad uses a small bedside motor listed at a sound level of 40 decibels—slightly quieter than a household refrigerator. Given the low electric cost of powering the sleep pad, it is estimated that you could save anywhere from $50 to 90 per month on your electric bill, especially if you’re using an older, less efficient window-mounted air conditioner.

Additionally, from an environmental perspective, the Perfect Sleep Pad operates on 80 watts. Compared to typical air conditioning units which may range anywhere from 500 to 3500W, the sleep pad reportedly only produces 105kg of CO2 emissions per year, while a 2200W A/C unit might produce upwards of 2900kg. Saving on your energy bill and saving the environment? Sounds good to us!

Are you still having trouble sleeping despite the comfortable room and bed temperature? Book a complimentary sleep consultation with us to find out if you’re struggling with any common sleep disorders.