8th December 2016

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A better option for chronic pain relief.

Quell is a 100% drug-free, patented technology proven to fight chronic pain. Quell is FDA cleared for day and night treatment of chronic pain. Worn on the upper calf, it is designed for people with chronic pain such as low back pain, arthritic and joint pain, nerve pain, leg and foot pain, and widespread pain.

Reclaim what chronic pain has taken from you.
Living with chronic pain can be devastating. Even getting out of bed in the morning can be difficult. Pain affects all aspects of your life – your ability to work, to be in relationships with other people, to exercise, and to sleep. It can also produce feelings of depression and anxiety.

To achieve best results when treating chronic pain, experts recommend a multidisciplinary approach, which could include taking medications, getting enough sleep, staying active, and using new technologies such as Quell to find out what works best for you. Due to the nature of chronic pain, it may take several weeks to achieve results.

Learning about the various options you have to manage your chronic pain can be motivating and empowering. Don’t give up. We are here for you.


Clinically Proven
81% reported improvement in their chronic pain.1
67% reported reduction in their pain medication.2
24/7 Therapy
The only FDA cleared OTC device that can manage chronic pain at night while you sleep and during the day while you are active.
Patented Neurotechnology
Patented OptiTherapy® technology automatically adjusts therapy to deliver optimal relief.
Control Therapy and Track Sleep
Control the device with an optional smartphone app, enabled by Bluetooth LE for both iOS and Android.


Pain types

Lower back pain
Chronic back pain is defined as pain that persists for 3 months or longer, even after an initial injury or underlying cause of acute lower back pain has been treated.

Arthritic and joint pain
The two most common types of arthritis are osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, affecting 27M and 1.5M people in the US, respectively, and more women than men.

Leg & foot pain
Leg pain may have various causes, including neurological and musculoskeletal. Neurological causes of leg pain include neuropathy, sciatic nerve pain, and restless legs syndrome, among others.

Widespread pain
People with chronic pain may suffer from multiple conditions and experience pain in multiple parts of their bodies or throughout the body.


How Quell can help

Studies have shown that high frequency intensive nerve stimulation is an effective option for treating various types of chronic pain.1

Quell is wearable technology that uses intensive nerve stimulation to provide widespread pain relief. It is designed to be worn on the calf, regardless of where you are experiencing pain, and stimulates your nerves in a way that is powerful enough to trigger the release of your body’s natural pain blockers. Pain is blocked at the spinal cord, which helps you feel widespread relief from your pain, not just relief in a specific part of your body.

Using Quell doesn’t eliminate the cause of your pain, and Quell is not a cure, but it can “turn down the volume” so you can reclaim your life. Quell is FDA cleared for 24/7 use and is user-friendly. You can easily wear it under your clothes. There is an optional smartphone app that you can use to control the device and track your therapy and your sleep.



How it works

Powerful enough to tap into your body’s natural pain relief response.
Quell’s clinically proven, 100% drug free technology automatically adjusts therapy to ensure you receive optimal pain relief.

Quell is more than just innovative technology. Every aspect of the product is designed for wearability and comfort. Quell’s slim, lightweight design ensures that it is as discreet as it is effective.

  • device_icon Quell is always worn on the upper calf and stimulates sensory nerves.
  • cross_icon It taps into your body’s natural pain relief response.
  • brain_icon Sensory nerves carry neural pulses to your brain.
  • electrode_icon Neural pulses trigger a natural response that blocks pain signals, leading to widespread pain relief.


Real People Say

“Since using Quell I’m back to doing what I want to do, when I want to do it!”
– David




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