Since the Philips Respironics recall was announced, we have been working hard to create and execute the following action plan:

  1. Send out initial communication to all of our applicable clients.
  2. Work with Respironics to understand the resolution process and timeline while adhering to the actions they have laid out for us.
  3. Find ways to support our customers that have been affected by this recall to get them back onto therapy as quickly as possible.
  4. Address the impact to the product supply chain which has already been affected by this recall.
  5. Ensure that we are available to receive all calls and answer questions from our existing clients and other suppliers’ clients.
  6. Establish an open line of communication to several physicians to keep them updated on the situation and what we are doing to help.

We have a strong sense of responsibility towards our customers and it pains us to know that our efforts may not be meeting expectations for some of you. We will continue to work on finding solutions so that we can meet your expectations. We are always open to any suggestions that may help us satisfy your expectations, so please feel free to contact us.