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What you eat matters to your whole health, including sleep. It’s all part of how to awaken your best life. 

Eating your way to a better sleep

Some sleep problems are solved (or at least helped) with simple food changes. That’s because your health is built on nutrition, exercise and a good night’s sleep. When you improve one, the other elements improve. 

The relationship between sleep and food

Sleep and nutrition have a cyclical relationship. To oversimplify it: Food affects our circadian rhythms and sleep hormones, and sleep affects our hunger and satiety cues. If one of these two areas is being neglected, the other area will suffer. Poor eating habits will disrupt a good sleep. Likewise, poor sleep habits will interfere with your fitness and wellness goals.

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How we help

Whether you’re looking for advice on foods that improve your sleep, personalized diet plans or help with managing diabetes or weight gain, we have you covered. 

If you’re looking for ways to promote your overall health, manage symptoms or develop a healthier relationship with food, our Registered Dietitian is here to help.

Just diagnosed with diabetes? Having more trouble maintaining sugar levels than usual? We can help you create a plan, with optimal scheduling, portion sizes and nutrients. 

We know eating and sleeping well are both challenges for shift workers. It’s why we create diet plans that make sure the foods you eat are leading you to better sleep and better shifts.

doctor measuring woman's weight on a scaleSleep, food and weight are connected, so we’re the experts to see if you’re struggling with weight management. Our holistic plans make sure all your habits are setting you up for success.


We are here to answer all of your questions about diet and supplements, and help you reach your personal goals.

How it works

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Virtual consults

Tzippy can meet with you virtually, in the comfort of your own home,  to answer questions and review your options. 

Reach out

Curious about how your eating might be affecting your sleep and lifestyle? We’re here to help.