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Snoring can affect more than just the person doing it. In fact, it often disrupts the sleep of partners or other family members just as much, if not more. Sometimes, people do not even realize they snore or have a sleeping disorder and will deny or downplay the importance of the issue. Speaking to someone you care about is worth the effort, as snoring is not just a nuisance, it’s a potentially serious medical issue, such as sleep apnea, that is correctable with assistance from medical professionals.

Here are some helpful tips in approaching a conversation with your partner about snoring and the importance of getting a sound sleep.

  1. Have the discussion when you are both calm and take a supportive approach.
  2. Tell your partner you care for them and are concerned for their health and wellbeing.
  3. Let them know they didn’t appear to be sleeping well and/or seem tired during the day.
  4. Ask if they remember any of the symptoms they displayed during the night (snoring, waking up, stopping breathing, etc.).
  5. Help your partner understand the negative impact sleep disorders have on their health, their ability to function while awake, their happiness, and their health.
  6. If the snoring or sleep disorder is keeping you and/or other family members awake, gently mention the impact it’s having on everyone.
  7. Offer to book an appointment with a doctor or take them to one of our Sleep Therapeutics clinics to chat with our staff. Offer to accompany them to make it easier and more comfortable.


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