As a dietitian working at a sleep clinic, an extremely unconventional (basically unheard of) role, I have a lot of conversations, not only with patients and fellow colleagues, but even family and friends, explaining how I ended up here and most importantly HOW IN THE HECK ARE SLEEP AND NUTRITION EVEN CONNECTED?! 

Most people I talk to are hoping I give them a list of foods that will magically make them sleep peacefully for 8 hours each night, waking up with a pep in their step and ready to take on the day. Others are hoping to rid themselves of their CPAP by losing weight or stop their 5-year use of melatonin with a silver bullet solution. 

I really wish what I was about to write next was something like “Well you’re in luck! There IS a quick fix to all your problems and it will only cost you $99.99!”…kind of like what you hear diet pill companies or instagram influencers boast about in their marketing materials. But just like “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, the road to determining YOUR connection between sleep and nutrition has loads of different paths, each person taking their own combination of twists and turns to end up at that final endpoint: Eat Well. Sleep Well. Live Well.